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Personal Growth & Inspiration Workshops 

Several new community workshops are in the development stages and will be posted here when they are complete.

These workshops are designed to increase levels of self-awareness and self-esteem in a safe, playful, creative environment.

Mask Making

Since ancient times we have used masks to explore ourselves and our world. Masks provide a creative means to express, protect, disguise, entertain, frighten, and conceal. They are powerful tools that allow us to consciously explore inner aspects in order to better understand who we are.

  • The process of mask making invites participants to discuss, and explore the faces we reveal or conceal in various social situations.
  • Masks can bring to awareness both how we see ourselves and what we imagine we would like to be.
  • Exploring inner shadow aspects can help us to understand our motivations, our similarities, and become a source of revitalizing inspiration and integration.

Workshop Objectives

  • To increase levels of self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.
  • To increase observational perspectives – different ways of seeing.
  • To introduce participants to a range of making materials.
  • To explore different making processes.
  • To engage in the design process, with consideration of functional factors.
  • To identify historical and cultural uses of masks
  • To develop creative thought processes, imagination, and self-expression.

The Mini Mask Making Workshop

In this workshop the emphasis is on fun and creativity. Theoretical content is briefly covered, and visual images presented to inspire. After a short imagination and focus boosting meditation, participants are invited to begin to plan their masks. Once the planning stage is complete participants can jump into the action and enjoy the creative process of making their blank masks come alive with their own unique sense of flair and style.

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: Max 15 (With adequate supervision provided by organization)

Ages: 12+

Workshop Cost: $295 (Not including catering and venue hire)

Materials: $5 per participant

The Mask Making Workshop (Full length)

This series of workshops contains all the components of the mini workshop, but allows for a more comprehensive exploration of the theory, more elaborate mask construction, and time for self-reflection and discussion.  Journaling is also an important component of this course. Upon completion of the masks time is provided to use sound, movement and dialogue to playfully explore how we interpret the masks and the qualities they embody. 

Duration: 6 hours (This workshop can be run as a 1 day session,  2 x 3 hour sessions, or 3 x 2 hour sessions)

Participants: Max 12 (With adequate supervision provided by organization)

Ages: 14+

Workshop Cost: $795* (Not including catering and venue hire)

Materials: $5-8 per participant

*+ $30 per extra session if not held on 1 day

 Workshops are flexible, and designed to be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the participants.

For further information and booking inquiries:

Contact:   Christy lavers

Ph 0408222910