Creative Wings

 Creative Collaboration

"Much like a painter learns through experience how to use a brush to make scenery and images jump off the canvas, a business, through the hiring of key staff can put together a team that not only works together beautifully to carry out daily enterprise goals but painlessly can switch gears from every-day practicality into innovations to keep the company moving forward.

They key to this is truly understanding the dynamics of the people on your creative teams." Deanna M. Murray, Director of Digital Strategy & Marketing at Build.Automate Inc

Create a collaborative whole that is greater than the sum of its parts

  • Identify individuals' creative style and level to ensure best placement within a team
  • Manage and successfully use diversity within a team
  • Attain a dynamic balance between individual and group work
  • Explore obstacles to successful collaboration and learn effective solutions 

Create highly effective teams by learning to identify team strengths  and overcome weaknesses

In this workshop we asses the strengths, weaknesses, creative styles and levels of the individuals in a team and explore strategies to create a cohesive group that excels at working in a collaborative framework. 

  • Strategies to manage ego
  • Trust building games and exercises
  • Guidelines for respectful communication

The Big Picture Jam

This workshop culminates with a powerful game called "The Big Picture Jam". This game provides the opportunity for participants to flex their creative muscles and experiment with the tools, strategies and awareness that were introduced in the workshop.

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: Max 25

Location: Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas (Sydney and Brisbane see below)

Dates to be decided by supplier and the organization

Workshops are flexible, and can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

These workshops will be available on selected dates in Sydney and Brisbane

For further information and bookings

Contact:    Christy Lavers
Ph 0408222910