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Get the Creative Edge Over the Competition

“Creativity may be the most powerful of all the resources to be rich in. With vast numbers of people entering the workforce, huge improvements in productivity, and continued globalisation, the rewards for innovation and creativity will become even greater”.The 2010 Standard Chartered Winning Ingredients report

According to IBM's most recent global CEO study, the majority of CEOs understand the key to navigating today's volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex business environment is creativity.

The most successful, thriving businesses today (e.g. Google, Apple and Amazon) are companies that understand the importance of flexibility and originality, and nurture these creative qualities in their employees.

A well developed creative ability can mean the difference between an employee who simply does what they're told, and an employee who has the ability to identify gaps and opportunities, and provide successful solutions and strategies.

Turns the mystery of creativity into a simple-to-use process

"Anyone can change his (her) behavior to improve creative impact and to weave the code for innovation into his or her company." The Innovator’s DNA (Harvard Business School Press).


    • Empower individuals, teams, and organizations to meet creative challenges posed by the marketplace
    • Identify employee's creative styles and levels
    • Learn how to use creativity to enhance effectiveness of problem solving processes
    • Explore ways to use creativity to improve productivity and workplace satisfaction

    This dynamic workshop is packed with fascinating information, effective exercises and powerful techniques all designed to assist the understanding and development of creative abilities.

    As conditions that stimulate creativity are positive and playful, these workshops are designed to provide high quality information in a relaxed and playful setting. 

    Course material draws on strategies from multiple sources including:

    Pennsylvania State University course: Creativity Innovation and Change
    Harvard psychology course (Creative Brain by S. Carson's PH.D.) : 'Creativity: Madmen, Geniuses, and Harvard Students'

     Add an art-based creative learning component

    A great addition to these workshops is an art-based creative learning component. No prior artistic ability required. Art-based activities can be a great way to explore the workshop content, relax and have some serious fun.

    Possible activities include: Mixed Media Madness; Self-portraits-This is me; Story-telling: Dreamweavers. And many more.

    Duration: 3 hours
    Art-based activity: Add 1.5 hours

    Participants: Max 25

    Location: Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas (Sydney and Brisbane see below)

    Dates to be decided by supplier and the organization

    Workshops are flexible, and can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

    These workshops will be available on selected dates in Sydney and Brisbane

    Open workshops are also held for small business owners who want to book in individually

    For further information and bookings

    Contact:    Christy Lavers
    Ph 0408222910