Creative Wings

Faces at Work

These workshops are designed to playfully and respectfully explore roles and dynamics in the workplace, in order to promote enthusiastic, strong, and more cohesive workgroups.

These workshops:

  • Provide opportunities to explore workplace behaviour and analyse as a group what helps and hinders the team dynamic.
  • Aim to encourage discussion that helps employees, with different roles and responsibilities (including  managers and team leaders), to understand each other better.
  • Invite participants to become aware of, and explore, the faces that are typically revealed or concealed in various workplace dynamics. 

Note: Special care is taken to ensure that no participants are targeted or singled out. Discussions and role playing are guided so that general behaviours and not individuals are discussed and explored.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Foster better and open communication between the employees themselves, as well as between the employees and the higher management.
  • Raise levels of awareness and understanding of self and others
  • Highlight diversity and create respect for individual skills, styles and personalities
  • Increase understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses within a group
  • Expand observational perspectives
  • Develop creative thought processes, imagination, and self-expression

The Basic Workshop (theory only)

Duration: 3 hours

Participants: Max 25

The Mask Making Workshop (Full length)

This workshop allows for a comprehensive exploration of the theory, elaborate mask construction (with the option of plaster face replication masks, which is a great trust building exercise), and time for more in-depth self-reflection and discussion.  Upon completion of the masks time is provided to use dialogue and role shifts to playfully and respectfully explore common workplace dynamics.

Duration: 1/2 Day (4 hours)

Participants: Max 20

The Mini Faces at Work with Mask Making Workshop

In this workshop the emphasis is on fun and creativity. Theoretical content is briefly covered, and visual images presented to inspire discussion. Once the planning stage is complete participants can jump into the action and enjoy the creative process of making their blank masks come alive with their own unique sense of flair and style.

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: Max 25

These workshops are perfect for tying in with a theme dinner or masquerade ball


Workshops are flexible, and can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

For further information and bookings

Contact:    Christy Lavers
Ph 0408222910