Creative Wings

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone learn to be creative?

Yes! The idea that only some people have the ability to be creative is a myth.  There are two general creative type categories: innovative and adaptive. The adaptive type works within the box, but excels at expanding and enriching the existing structures and details; while the innovative type is more radical and excels at thinking outside the box, developing revolutionary ideas. Both types are valuable.  
The business/professional creativity workshops help to identify which employees are more innovative and which are more adaptive and provides opportunity to explore how each group can cultivate, apply, and maximise these abilities in order to increase overall success in the workplace.

What is the difference between the individual and business/ professional creativity workshops?

While both creativity workshops provide techniques and advice for cultivating creativity, the workshops aimed at business and professionals are designed to promote creativity in a vocational context. In these workshops there is a more structured theoretical approach to creativity that can be applied to a variety of tasks used in professional environments.

In the individual workshops the creative approaches are more organic and aim to assist participants to authentically express their uniqueness. There is opportunity for a deep level of self-exploration and sharing that would be inappropriate in a professional setting.  We also explore how creativity can enhance all aspects of our life including: Personal, family, leisure and work life.

What types of businesses would benefit from the creativity workshops?

Because the ability to think creatively is a foundational skill that has an effect on all areas to which thought can be applied, most, if not all, businesses would benefit from maximising the creative skills of their workforce.
Any business that operates in a competitive field would benefit from the workshops. Developing, within their employees the ability to formulate creative ideas, procedures and services, provides a distinct advantage crucial to operating in today‚Äôs complex, challenging competitive environment.  
These workshops would benefit employees of all levels. Sometimes the most successful business solutions can come from the most unexpected sources.

In the business/professional section what is the difference between the creativity and the imagination workshop?

Imagination is the material from which creativity builds.
The imagination workshop provides tools and techniques to enhance imaginative abilities. Strong imagination allows a person to connect with the unconscious and tap into rich, dynamic and fresh ideas and material.  
Creativity is imagination put into action.
The creativity workshop explores the creative process and teaches participants techniques and strategies to asses, cultivate and utilize their creative style to enhance their work performance.