Creative Wings


As imaginative skills languish, we are beginning to understand what a precious commodity imagination really is. Like a muscle, imagination thrives the more it is used and applied. Understanding how to use imagination effectively and putting it into use can be a key to achieving high levels of success and satisfaction in the workplace.

According to recent studies organisations that value and harness imagination are the highest earning companies. There is a positive corelation between companies who nurture and utilise their employees' imagination, and high productivity and revenue.

  •  Imagination is at the root of all invention, innovation, and creative endeavors.
  • Imagination opens pathways for improved communication, discovery, goal setting, planning, resourcefulness, understanding, and problem solving.
  • Imagination expands the mind's potential and awakens less active parts of the brain.
  • Imagination needs to be cultivated, nurtured and developed so as to maximize creative potential
  • Without imagination there is no vision.


  • Learn how to stimulate and harness powerful imaginative potential
  • Methods to access and utilize the power of the unconscious
  • Techniques to balance and maximize right and left brain thinking
  • Explore associational thinking—drawing connections among questions, problems or ideas from unrelated fields

This dynamic workshop is packed with fascinating information, effective exercises and powerful techniques all designed to assist the understanding and development of imaginative abilities.

These workshops are designed to provide high quality information in a relaxed and playful setting. 

Techniques & Exercises

Some of the techniques and exercises that will be explored in this workshop include: Instant Relax and Charge; Image Streaming*; Free Noting*; The Oracle Game*; Perspective Shift and Flip; and The Intuitive Leap.

*Techniques developed by Dr. Wenger (Author of the Einstein Factor) who is considered one of the foremost authorities on genius and intelligence

Duration: 3 hours

Participants: Max 25

Location: Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas

Dates to be decided by supplier and the organization

Workshops are flexible, and can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

Open workshops are also held for small business owners who want to book in individually

These workshops will be available on selected dates in Sydney and Brisbane

For further information and bookings:

Contact:    Christy Lavers
Ph 0408222910