Creative Wings

Mask Making

Since ancient times we have used masks to explore ourselves and our world. Masks provide a creative means to express, protect, disguise, entertain, frighten, and conceal. They are powerful tools that allow us to bring potent inner aspects to the surface where they can be consciously understood and integrated.
  • Masks can bring awareness to both how we see ourselves and how others see us.
  • Masks are great tools for exploring, understanding, and healing inner aspects
  • Exploring inner shadow aspects can help us to clarify our motivations; discover our uniqueness and similarities; and become a source of revitalizing inspiration and integration.

Afternoon Workshop

Guided meditation: Designed to assist the participant to connect with a deep aspect of self that can be explored through the process of mask-making.

Self- Reflection and Planning: Participants will take time to reflect on their meditation and plan and select the qualities they want to express in their mask and the elements they want to use to convey them.

Discussion: Participantas will have the opportunity (if they want) to share some of their personal journey, realisations, and plans for their masks.  

Plaster face Application: Participants will take turns applying plaster wrap to another participants face. Having the mask applied can be a very relaxing process and allows opportunity to further enter a meditative state.

Mask Decoration: Once the masks have set, participants will have the opportunity to decorate their masks using a simple fabric application process and an assortment of decorative elements. 

Final Discussion and workshop closure: Upon completion of the masks time is provided to explore and discuss our masks as a group.

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: Max 12

Cost: $65 per participant (including basic material)

Journaling is also an important component of this course.

For further information and booking inquiries:

Contact:   Christy lavers

Ph 0408222910