Creative Wings

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Team Building, Professional Development


“The organisations that flourish will be those that can use the imaginative and emotional energies of their workforce to differentiate themselves, and as a source of competitive advantage.” Carolyn Barker and Robyn Coy Series Editors, Australian Institute of Management

"Anyone can change his (her) behavior to improve creative impact and to weave the code for innovation into his or her company." The Innovator’s DNA (Harvard Business School Press).

This dynamic workshop is packed with fascinating info, effective exercises and powerful techniques designed to assist the understanding and development of imaginative abilities. more...

Creative Wings

Inspiring Brilliance!

Creative Wings workshops are designed to assist people to reach beneath the surface to tap into their inner brilliance. Striving to succeed in a competitive, demanding society, it is easy to lose touch with innate exceptional abilities. Creative Wings workshops are designed to assist people to uncover these neglected aspects in order to reconnect with, and reignite, the inner source of genius, creativity, and brilliance.

These workshops are designed to help build strong effective teams in the workplace by enhancing awareness and understanding of self and others in a playful, creative environment

Workshop Objectives

  • Foster better and open communication between the employees themselves, as well as between the employees and the higher management.
  • Increase levels of awareness and understanding of self and others
  • Highlight diversity and create respect for individual skills, styles and personalities
  • Increase understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses within a group
  • Increase observational perspectives
  • Develop creative thought processes, imagination, and self-expression
  • more....

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