Creative-Wings Re-Connect is a life transforming e-course that will teach you how to connect with  and harness the wisdom and inspiration deep within!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, student, parent, or work in creative industries, this course will help you bring a new dimension to everything you do!

To see what this course can offer you, download part one for free with no obligation from the blue ‘reconnect1.pdf’ link below.


Creative Wings Re-Connect Section One

NEW updated version for a more pleasurable learning experience!

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"Thank you for the updated version of the creativity course.  The images are gorgeous, the text is easy to read and I'm enjoying the course immensely.  I have already gained some significant insights and my horizons continue to expand :)--Thank you from the bottom of my heART"  -IJ

"Loved it! Only had time to do a few exercises in each section, but just those have helped me feel fresher and more connected. Will be revisiting this for sure!" -SR

Full Course Only $43aud (Including 2 Supplements!)

     What you will get:

  • A beautiful PDF that you can keep for all time 
  • All the high quality information you need to make radical creative improvements to your life
  • A massive creative tool box –every section looks at different creative strategies that facilitate the creative process
  • A balanced approach that draws on both sides of the brain to ensure that not only do we learn to spread our creative wings and soar, but also how to ‘ground’ the gifts from the ethereal realms into everyday reality
  • Loads of creative exercises designed to develop and hone your creative skills
  • The entire course in one easy to use folder that allows you to progress at a pace that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

This is the stuff everyone should have learned in high school... but didn't!

"Our bodies are the vehicles we move through the physical world in, but most of us don’t really know how to drive them adeptly. Like gears in a car our brains can operate at different settings (brainwaves) and each setting is suited to different circumstances. Learning how to select and shift mental gears into the right mindset for the right situation can make the journey through life much smoother and more enjoyable."- Christina Lavers (Re-connect e-course-Supplement 1)

Course Format

For those who have limited time we offer the basic course which includes four easy to use sections:

1) Intro--Creativity explained

2) Divergent Stage--Exploration, connecting and communicating  with the unconscious

3) Convergent stage--Grounding, honing and structuring our wild creative forces

4) Dealing with creative challenges


For those who want to take it to the next level we offer the basic four sections plus two additional supplements. The supplements are designed to to assist you to go even deeper in the creative process.

In the first supplement we will look at different brainwave frequencies and strategies to help us shift into one that supports the creative process and our general well-being.

In the second Supplement we will further explore ways to nurture our imagination and connect with, and communicate with the deeper, mysterious parts of ourselves.


This course has been designed to be a flexible, multi-layered creative resource. It is up to you to decide how you want to use it, and at what pace. Some people may do one section a week and pick a few exercises to practice in that time. Some may decide to read through the course information in its entirety and then come back and do the activities. While still others may choose to do only one exercise in each section and revisit the others when they have more time. It is entirely up to you! Like with anything, the more time and energy you put into the course the more you will get out of it!

If you would like I am available for one on one coaching sessions to help you on your creative journey (Only $20-including cost of call-for most international locations- for 20 minutes if purchased with course!. Or $25 if purchased separately).

Another great idea is get a group of friends to do the course together(only $99 for permission to share the course with up to 10 friends!)

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The more we connect with our deep creative source and weave its magic into our personal world the more fun, vibrant and exciting our lives become.


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$35 Basic Course

$43 Full Course including 2 Supplements

$15  Supplements Sections x2

$63 Full Course with 2 x 10min ph support

$25 Phone Support Block (20 minutes)

$99 Full Course with permission to share with up to 10 friends

Happy Creating!